Getting to Know You: Margo Alvarez Is WHOSAY's Legal Coordinator AND Goal Scorer

Aside from being the only female to score at NYFEST for two years in a row, Margo Alvarez has also helped international students with their visa requirements to attend colleges and universities in the United States. We sat with our Legal & Business Affairs Coordinator for a new edition of Getting to Know You, the series that cast the spotlight on the women and men who've helped built WHOSAY into the world's largest and most trusted influence marketer, and here's what she had to say.  

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WHOSAY: What’s the first thing you do as soon as you arrive in the office?

Margo Alvarez: I look at my calendar and glance at my emails; I want to make sure I have a balance between meetings, emails and projects.

WS: What’s the part of your job you enjoy the most?

MA: I love to be a liaison between the legal and finance department; I have to make sure that any payments that we process follow guidelines and procedures spelled out in the agreements.

WS: What is your role at WHOSAY?

MA: Legal and Business Affairs Coordinator.

WS: Who is someone at WHOSAY that inspires you and why?

MA: I am inspired every day by everyone at WHOSAY; everyone supports and helps each other like a family.

WS: What was your job before coming to WHOSAY?

MA: Prior to starting at WHOSAY, I worked with international students in the admissions departments of several colleges and universities. I helped students apply for visas and monitored that each one followed their visa requirements.

WS: What don’t most people know about you?

MA: I participate in a panel, at least once a year, informing and/or guiding high school and college students in the Communications/Technology field.

WS: What do you want to achieve in the near and/or long-term?

MA: My ultimate goal is to become better than the day before.

WS: Share your advice with aspiring young people who want to break into your industry?

MA: Always stay positive and informed.

WS: What are your favorite books or quotes?

MA: "Think locally, act globally"

WS: What is the best advice you have ever received?

MA: Never be afraid to go out of your comfort zone because with great risk comes great reward.

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