Influencers MatPat and Charlie Todd Join WHOSAY CEO at SMWNYC 2018

WHOSAY, a Viacom company, is thrilled to return to Social Media Week New York (SMWNYC) on Wednesday, April 25 when CEO Steve Ellis will be hosting the "Creativity Meets Brand Outcomes: There is Where the Magic Happens" panel.

Joining him will be two of the most creative influencers who know a thing or two about engaging millions of people on social media: Improv Everywhere founder Charlie Todd and Game Theory creator Matthew “MatPat” Patrick.

“Ultimately advertising effectiveness is directly tied to good creative and smart distribution. Make a great ad and show it to the right people and it will perform," said Ellis. “Influencers can be a great creative resource that any advertiser can partner with.”

Having received over 400 million lifetime views on YouTube and with more than 100 individual videos having view counts over a million, Todd’s Improv Everywhere is the New York City-based comedy collective responsible for unexpected public performances such as No Pants Subway Ride, which have also been featured in mainstream media outlets such as NBC’s the Today show, ABC’s Good Morning America and The New York Times.

Best known as MatPat, the creator and narrator of the web series The Game Theorists, Matthew Patrick boasts over 10 million subscribers on YouTube, where he comments on topics such as the logic, scientific accuracy, and lore of various video games and the gaming industry.

Both influencers and Steve Ellis will deliver a practical expose about using creativity to execute content marketing campaigns that overcome the challenges faced by advertisers in ad-blockers, shortened attention spans, ad fraud, and brand safety.

The goal is to highlight creativity as one of the most underrated and taken for granted components of advertising, as well as the one that will ultimately save advertising from the ever-evolving social media algorithms by creating and distributing content that uses human ingenuity to get attention, stop thumbs and provide the most value.

For more information about WHOSAY's SMWNYC panel, go here.