WHOSAY Submits 8 Branded Campaigns to the 2018 Shorty Awards

Correction: A prior version of this post incorrectly stated that WHOSAY had been nominated for the Shorty Awards. 

A total of eight campaigns powered by WHOSAY for brands such as McDonald’s, the MTV VMAs, AT&T, Urban Pie Pizza and Sour Patch Kids have been submitted to 11 categories at the 2018 Shorty Awards. The categories include Food & Beverage, Branded Content, Entertainment, Brand Identity, Social Good and Mobile campaigns.

The 10th edition of the iconic awards, that honor the best of social  media and recognize individuals and organizations producing great content on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, YouNow, Musical.ly, and the rest of the social web, will be held April 15th, 2018 in New York City and WHOSAY is both proud and excited to be participating with the following pieces of branded content.

1. The Beard Club: Stay Weird, Grow a Beard, Entered in Images, Beauty: 

Last year, The Beard Club approached WHOSAY to design an influencer marketing campaign with the primary goal of generating sales and increasing monthly subscriptions. Our creative team worked with influencer Rob Machado to tell a funny, unique (borderline bizarre) thumb-stopping story around accepting, loving, and worshipping beards. WHOSAYers Sarah Gillman, Sam Jones, Eyal VadaiStephen Glasco, Matthew Krueger, Jenna Sereni and Harvey Schwartz were responsible for this brilliant production.

2. Slam Dunk with The Sour Patch Kids, Entered in Mobile Campaign:

The Sour Patch Kids brand tasked WHOSAY, in collaboration with Story Lab, to ideate a branded content campaign that delivered awareness at scale. Our Talent team identified rising basketball star Ben Simmons, just featured in a trending Showtime documentary. His love for the candy was real. Seizing this unique, organic opportunity and capitalizing on our media flight's alignment with the 2017-18 basketball season (one of our millennial target's greatest passions), we were fully equipped to build a custom campaign strategy around our star Talent. Sarah Gillman, Anthony Taylor, Michelle Peguero, Izzy Claveloux, Jenna Sereni, Jason Bowers,
Harvey Schwartz, Matthew Krueger, Caitlin Curry and Holly Block were the WHOSAYers responsible for this production.

3. #BigMacForThat — Bringing the Swagger Back with Sam Tsui, Entered in Branded Content:

McDonald's tasked WHOSAY with designing and executing a brand awareness campaign that would: 1) highlight the restaurant's expanded Big Mac menu, 2) bring the swagger back to the Big Mac, and 3) ignite nationwide excitement – both for the brand and the burger. To gain traction in building awareness, we realized we needed to cultivate a buzzworthy moment that re-connects the Big Mac with today's pop culture (reminiscent of Justin Timberlake's 2003 "I'm Lovin' It" global initiative). Nowadays, it's no secret that digital stars wield just as much influence over consumer behavior as the top 40 artists of the early 2000's. With his massive online presence and devoted following, Sam Tsui (YouTube singer-songwriter sensation) was the perfect Influencer to engage with a whole new generation of McDonald's lovers. Shoutout to WHOSAYers Allie Hopfan, Sarah Gillman, Matthew Krueger, Stephen Glasco, Anthony Taylor, Jenna Sereni, Stephanie Frank, Kay Blair and Harvey Schwartz for making this campaign possible.

4. AT&T #ItCanWait: The Voice of Reason feat. Darren Criss & Katie Cassidy, Entered in Social Good Campaign:

In collaboration with Hearts & Science, WHOSAY designed a hilarious content series featuring Talent coming face-to-face with mirror images of themselves (a twist on the traditional shoulder angel/devil plot device), with their "super-ego" version representing conscience and their "id" version representing temptation. As Talent wrestles with the reckless impulse to text and drive, viewers cannot help but side with the voice of reason – It Can Wait. Because the creative required legitimate acting chops and comedic timing, it was important that we cast highly-recognizable actors who could deliver engaging on-screen performances; both Darren Criss (from Fox's Glee) and Katie Cassidy (from The CW's Arrow) are primetime actors who have extremely active and responsive fanbases, making them ideal fits for the campaign. Caryn Turer, Anthony Taylor, Hyunjin Park, Josh Venkataraman, Harvey Schwartz, Melissa Michael, Matthew Love, Stephen Glasco, Varsha Srivastava, Matt Krueger and Jenna Sereni were the WHOSAYers in charge of this win.

5. 2017 MTV Video Music Awards: Pushing the Limits with Josh Peck, Entered in Brand Identity, Entertainment:

MTV approached WHOSAY with one straightforward tactical goal: increase awareness of the 2017 VMAs with the key focus on driving tune-in against a younger 12-24 year-old demographic. As we cast Talent, insights about our target demographic steered us toward actor-turned-social media comedian, Josh Peck – forever a teen favorite. With widespread recognition and prized for his short-form comedy sketches on social, Josh fit perfectly into our campaign's primary Talent role: delivering 1) a suite of heroic 'call-to-tune-in' videos for both native posts and sequential targeting during the week leading up to the VMAs and 2) a day-of VMA red carpet activation. Congratulations to WHOSAYers Kyle Jackson, Allie Hopfan, Anthony Taylor, Matthew Love, Harvey Schwartz, Ally Silverstein, Matt Krueger, Stephen Glasco and Claire Bai on making this possible.

6. MTV Movie & TV Awards: Getting Ready with Me, Entered in Entertainment, Video Pre-Roll:

The MTV Movie & TV Awards (MMTAs) are notorious for their laid back style and house party vibe – a cultural staple where young Hollywood comes to dress down and let loose. In 2017, MTV identified a few critical obstacles hindering the award show's continued TV success. Addressing these challenges head on, the brand sought a partner that was just as capable in media strategy and delivery as re-establishing brand identity – ultimately tasking WHOSAY with two goals. The first, leverage social to drive tune-in, re-capturing millions of award show viewers who've strayed from TV. The second, officially establish the MMTAs as young Hollywood's biggest party. WHOSAYers Allie Hopfan, Kyle Jackson, Anthony Taylor, Harvey Schwartz, Matthew Love, Stephen Glasco, Claire Bai, Matt Krueger and Jenna Sereni were responsible for executing this vision.

7. Urban Pie: One Steamy Night with Manon Mathews, Entered in Food & Beverage, Branded Content:  

With waning TV consumption and increasing digital activity among its millennial target, Urban Pie recognized the need for a strong social strategy – one that would reach new, potential customers and capture the attention of Gen Y women who are known to spend endless hours Tinder swiping and binging on viral videos. That's where WHOSAY came in. Our campaign's goals were to increase brand awareness and drive real, heartfelt engagement – all while geo-targeting 12 pre-selected urban cities with the greatest potential to drive sales. Charlotte Oldsman, Kyle Jackson, Dan Sykora, Meredith Sammons, Melissa Michael, Bari Nedick, Stephen Glasco, Kay Blair, Matt Krueger, Harvey Schwartz and Jenna Sereni were the WHOSAY team members who produced this spot.  

8. Toys”R”Us Toy Box Season 2 Influencer Campaign, Entered in Retail & E-Commerce, Multi-Platform Campaign, Branded Content:

Toys"R"Us is a dedicated champion of free play, advocating for kids to have the freedom and time for unstructured play driven by their imaginations and inventiveness. To actualize this brand mission, Toys"R"Us first partnered with ABC and Mattel to support reality television show, The Toy Box. In this TV series, passionate toy inventors presented their unique ideas to a panel of judges made up of some of the toughest critics out there...KIDS! At the end of the competition, the winning toy was produced by Mattel and sold exclusively at Toys"R"Us. To promote this partnership, we tasked WHOSAY to design a social campaign that echoed the "kids know best" creative of The Toy Box. WHOSAYers Michelle Peguero, Jenna Sereni, Ying Wu, Allie Hopfan, Adam Riesenberg, Harvey Schwartz, Ally Silverstein, Annabelle Baskin, Kai Tu and Matt Krueger were responsible for this campaign.