WHOSAY Match Data Shows Top 10 Up-and-Coming LGBT Influencers Reach a Combined 62M Followers

Correction: A prior version of this article mistakenly stated these were the top 10 most-followed LGBT influencers.

RuPaul, Connor Franta, Samira Wiley, Davey Wavey and Zachary Quinto are among the most influential up-and-coming LGBT personalities, according to a new WHOSAY Match report that compiles and ranks the most popular new creators based on number of followers, their geographical location, age, gender composition and AI-powered personality and values traits.

The top 10 new LGBT influencers reach a combined 62 million followers on social media. Out of the platforms, Instagram is the most popular one with 37.9 million of users following the top 10 LGBT influencers on this platform. Twitter and YouTube were the second and third most popular platforms with 17.8M and 16.4M users, respectively, following these creators on those platforms. Facebook came in fourth with 6.4M users following these creators on that platform.

Source: matchreport.whosay.com

Source: matchreport.whosay.com

Out of these 62 million followers, 66% are female and 34% male. Twenty-three percent are ages 18, 44.9% ages 18-24, 24.9% ages 25-34 and 5.2% ages 35-44. On average, followers of the top 10 LGBT influencers tend to show “openness to change,” “self-enhancement” and “self-transcendence” as values as well as “openness,” “extraversion” and “agreeableness” as personality traits. Geographically, most of these followers live in California, New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina, Florida and Washington.

Source: matchreport.whosay.com

Source: matchreport.whosay.com

Source: matchreport.whosay.com

Source: matchreport.whosay.com

Take a look below for some of the individual insights:

1. Connor Franta:

YouTuber, entrepreneur and writer Connor Franta was formerly a member of YouTube group Our Second Life (stylized Our2ndLife and O2L). He has 22.4 million fans on Instagram (5.3M), Facebook (1.9M), Twitter (9.5M) and YouTube (5.6M), ages 18-24 (46%) and 18 (30%).
Seventy-three percent of Connor’s fans are female.

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2. Joey Graceffa:

YouTube personality, actor, author, producer, and singer Joey Graceffa has two active YouTube channels, both of which are named after him. One of them is for vlogging and the other is used for video gaming content. They both have a combined total of more than one billion views. Joey has 19.8 million followers on Instagram (5.6M), Facebook (1.4M), Twitter (4.2M) and YouTube (8.6M), ages 18 (26%) and 18-24 (47%). Seventy-eight percent of Joey’s fans are female.

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3. RuPaul:

RuPaul Andre Charles, known professionally by his mononym RuPaul, is an actor, drag queen, model, author, television personality, and recording artist. Since 2009, he has hosted and produced the drag queen reality show RuPaul's Drag Race, for which he won an Emmy in 2016. RuPaul has 4.1 million fans on Instagram (1.8M), Facebook (1.2M) and Twitter (1.1M) ages 18-24 (47%) and 25-34 (28%). Sixty percent of RuPaul’s fans are female.

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4. Samira Wiley:

Samira Wiley was born as Samira Denise Wiley. She is an actress, known for Orange Is the New Black (2013), The Sitter (2011) and 37 (2016). She has 3.6 million fans on Instagram (3.0M), Facebook (69K) and Twitter (441K). Forty-nine percent of Samira’s fans are ages 18-24 and 24% are ages 25-34. Eighty-seven percent of her fans are female.

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5. Jake Warden:

Jake Warden is a YouTube sensation and a comedy vlogger. His videos mostly consist of mainstream topics and discussions like makeup tutorials and ‘lip dub’ videos on musical.ly. He has 3.2 million fans on Instagram (2.2M), Facebook (24K), Twitter (23K) and YouTube (905K). Forty-percent of his fans are ages 18-24 and 35% are 18. Eighty-three percent of Jake’s fans are female.

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6. Zachary Quinto:

Zachary Quinto is an actor and film producer best known for his roles as Sylar on the science fiction drama series Heroes, Spock in the reboot of Star Trek and its' sequels Star Trek Into Darkness and Star Trek Beyond, as well as his Emmy nominated performance in American Horror Story: Asylum. Zachary has 2.9 million fans, 1.0M on Instagram, 741K on Facebook and 1.2M on Twitter. Forty-three percent of Zachary’s fans are ages 18-24 and 30% ages 25-34. Sixty-three percent are female.

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6. Charlie Carver:

Charlie Carver was born in San Francisco, California. His acting debut came in 2008 when he won the role of Porter Scavo in ABC's Desperate Housewives. Other roles followed in Teen Wolf and The Leftovers. Charlie has 2.7 million fans on Instagram (1.8M), Facebook (56K) and Twitter (870K). Forty-three percent of his fans are ages 18-24 and 28% age 18. Seventy-two percent are female.

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7. Davey Wavey:

Davey Wavey is a YouTuber whose channel focuses on LGBTQ lifestyle topics. He has 2.2 million fans on Instagram (329K), Facebook (698K), Twitter (153K) and YouTube (1.1M) ages 18-24 (43%) and 25-34 (34%). Eighty-seven percent of Davey’s fans are male.

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8. Daniel Preda:

Daniel Preda is a social media sensation on Twitter and Instagram with a username of misterpreda. He is a signed model with Model Maggie Inc and Elite. Daniel flaunts 1.2 million fans on Instagram (941K), Facebook (77K) and Twitter (215K). Forty-five percent of his fans are ages 18-24 while 27% are age 18. Seventy-seven percent are female.

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9. Brendan Jordan:

Brendan Jordan is a YouTube personality. In October 2014 Brendan "went viral" after dancing moves from Applause in the background of a live broadcast on NewsChannel 8. He has 1.2 million fans on Instagram (515K), Facebook (304K), Twitter (66K) and YouTube (267K). Forty-six percent of her fans are ages 18-24 while 27% are 25-34. Fifty-four percent are female.

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10. 홀랜드 - Holland:

Holland is a Korean musician with 763 thousand fans on Instagram (243K), Facebook (22K), Twitter (88K) and YouTube (409K) ages 18-24 (44%) and 18 (36%). Eighty-one percent are female.

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This list has been curated by the WHOSAY talent team to help identify influencers for marketing campaigns. This list is available to WHOSAY Match users. For more information please visit matchreport.whosay.com.

Cover image credit: Facebook.com/RuPaul