How a Full-Time Working Mom Successfully Navigates Her Hectic Mornings

Who has time to sit and enjoy her morning coffee anymore? Much less when you’re a full-time working mom and entrepreneur like VENZEDITS' Amber Venz Box.

The influencer, who boasts 96 thousand fans on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter combined, offered her fans an intimate look into her morning routine in a new sponsored video.

Venz Box, a 30-year-old mother and wife, partnered with a renown paper good company to create her latest branded video: a look at how she accomplishes her busy morning routines with the help of the company’s new comfort cup.

“My mornings are a balancing act of getting Birdie and Boyce ready, making breakfast and prepping myself for a full-day at rewardStyle,” she captioned the sponsored video. “With my Chinet Comfort Cup insulated hot cup, I can enjoy my coffee without missing a minute with this cutie!” she added.

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