Getting2KnowU: Sammy Mancini Reveals Genius Secret Life Hack


The people that power WHOSAY, a Viacom company, are a blend of advertising, technology and media professionals with a spirit of creativity, commitment, innovation, and inclusion. And today, you will get to know another one of our outstanding WHOSAYers:


Name: Sammy Mancini

Hometown: Cranston, RI

School: Boston College

Role at WHOSAY: Digital Media Buyer

Prior role: TV Media Buyer at Starcom

Dream creator(s) to work with: Chrissy Teigen, because she is unapologetically herself

Favorite thing about advertising: Every brand/campaign/activation is unique. But companies still find different ways to connect with their consumers. It keeps us interested and makes working in this industry exciting.

Most challenging aspect of the industry: It’s constantly changing. We are all learning together. This industry is evolving at a rapid pace and we are all uncovering new information simultaneously.

Secret life hack: Coffee ice cubes so your iced coffee never gets watered down

Interesting fact about yourself: I studied abroad in Florence

Best advice you’ve ever received: Don’t buy groceries when you’re hungry

If you woke up tomorrow as an animal, what animal would you choose to be and why? Bear because no one will mess with you and they get to hibernate for winter (I hate winter)

If you had your own late night talk show, who would you invite as your first guest? Snooki; I’ve always wanted to meet her and I feel like she would be a fun time

If you had to delete all but 3 apps from your smartphone, which ones would you keep? Instagram, Spotify & Seamless

What are the last three emoji you used on your phone? 🤷🏼‍♀️, 🍕, 🙃

BONUS: Go-to karaoke song: Anything by Britney Spears

You can connect with Sammy on LinkedIn

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#wearewhosayBy Alex Marin