Influence Marketing Is All About Talent Roles & Goals


By Mike Gasbara

With constant fraud and transparency issues within the programmatic advertising landscape, new forms of media and marketing have come to fruition. One of the most successful: influence marketing.

Over the past couple years influence marketing budgets from brands have been increasing exponentially, and they are showing no signs of stopping. But just because an influencer has millions of followers, doesn’t mean you’re destined for a great campaign.

WHOSAY VP Creative, Jenna Sereni, discussed best practices and strategies for influence marketing campaigns at an Advertising Week 2018 panel, saying: “Ultimately it’s about having a brand partner that can put trust in the agency or vendor that they’re working with to really go for it and nail it. You also have to be willing to educate the talent on what the purpose and message is, and make sure that you hire the right talent that you can trust to speak on behalf of the brand.”

With the recent brand safety concerns across digital advertising, Sereni also stressed how important it is to find an influencer that is: “Brand safe and authentic, but also who can be a part of a conversation with fans that still keeps the message intact.”

In addition to picking the right partner, brands must also leverage influence marketing campaigns in the right way. For example, “driving consideration through content and then retargeting people that watch that with an offer,” says Sereni.

“It’s also essential to acknowledge the roles and goals of each type of talent. For example, an A-list celebrity is going to drive awareness via scale, while an influencer talent is going to drive engagement amongst a captive audience,” she added.

These are just a few of the things that must be taken into account and planned for in order to fully utilize influence marketing to its fullest potential.