Our Unwavering Commitment to Offering Creative Solutions That Deliver Measurable Results

By Steve Ellis 

We are excited to announce that WHOSAY is now a Viacom company.

This acquisition turbocharges our commitment to using ideas and creativity to create brand-safe solutions that drive measurable outcomes.  

As a Viacom company, we'll be able to continue to do much more of that and to do it bigger and better.

Viacom's definitive agreement to acquire WHOSAY combines the capabilities of two storytellers across advertising, marketing, digital content and, now, advertising and marketing platform solutions that extend beyond social and into the world of television.   

Our integration with Viacom was achieved after a successful two-year partnership during which WHOSAY executed more than 50 campaigns for MTV, BET and other Viacom brands. Combined now with Viacom's global content engine, diverse audience and best-in-class advanced advertising tools, we will continue to seamlessly marry creativity and every level of talent with brand objectives all while optimizing the message via omnichannel distribution.

Viacom Head of Marketing and Partner Solutions, Sean Moran said it best when he stated, "Deeper integration with WHOSAY brings Viacom further into the world of social media and shopper marketing. Together, we will offer brand partners unparalleled creative solutions that maximize the power of storytelling, influencer reach, omnichannel distribution and advanced advertising tools to create quality campaigns that drive results," he said.

Since our founding in 2010, we’ve always believed in creating advertising that cuts through the marketing clutter to deliver measurable results, and we remain more committed than ever to changing the nature of interruptive advertising. We have already proven that great ideas and talent can do just that by creating trusted connections with audiences. Now, we’re extending those options beyond social, from television to the shelf.

Finally, and most importantly, I want to add that here at WHOSAY we have built a unique team of over 70 people that combine rigorous sales excellence, creative ingenuity, and digital distribution expertise, all to deliver superior advertising performance for our brand clients.

I personally want to thank the entire WHOSAY team for their remarkable tenacity, patience, and innovation. Together we have created a marketing service that, before us, did not exist.

Such creativity and excellence can only come from dedicated teamwork. Nobody succeeds alone.

Onward and upward...



Steve Ellis is CEO at WHOSAY