6 Micro-Influencers Who Already Got Their Fall Fashion Game On This Season

Happy First Day of Fall!

To celebrate, we’re revisiting Macy’s fall fashion campaign where the iconic department store partnered with six of the hottest micro-influencers out there, Diana Veras, Elizabeth Keene, Rochelle Johnson, Keiko Lynn, Jessica Franklin and Carolina Fryer, sending the message that no matter your background, size or age women all want the same thing; namely, make their style a reflection of how they feel...especially when getting ready for a night out!

1. Diana Veras:

Diana Veras shared photo and video posts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. In one of them, she captioned, “I used to love spending hours back-to-school shopping with my mom in @Macys and now they're my fave for fall fashion!”

2. Elizabeth Keene:

Elizabeth Keene also shared sponsored posts across formats and networks, as she partnered with Macy’s for her first trip to New York this season. On Instagram, she wrote, “When fall approaches, I crave a cold weather getaway like NYC! I partnered with @macys for my trip because they have all of the best trends for fall. In this video, I'm sharing my go-to travel look, a sassy little outfit for girls' night and a statement blouse that I just can't get enough of!”

3. Rochelle Johnson:

Rochelle Johnson also shared the sponsored posts with her fans across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. On Instagram the micro-influencer said, “Fashion + hosting go together. It's all in the details, and I love watching it all come together. It helps that @Macys has everything you need for creating that perfect head-to-toe look!”

4. Keiko Lynn:

Fall is Keiko Lynn’s favorite season. That’s why it makes sense she got ready to wander around Brooklyn in style. “I recently spent the day with @Macys, trying on some new fall fashion pieces (my favorite season!) and wandering around Brooklyn with a pup named Nash,” she captioned her adorable video.

5. Jessica Franklin:

Jessica Franklin is not mourning summer. Why? Because she’s literally in love with the fall season. “Getting ready for fall with the help of @Macys, and I'm in love with their clothes this season! They have all of my faves like off-the-shoulder tops, bomber jackets, and even the perfect date dress! Also I know I am not the only one who has their friends help them pick out an outfit for a date lol!” she captioned her branded Instagram video.

6. Carolina Fryer:

Just like her fellow micro-influencers, Carolina Fryer took to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to share the branded content. “Getting ready with friends for a girls’ night out is always such a fun time! PS: @Macys has the best fall fashion and amazing items in petite!!!” she wrote on the ‘gram.