How to find the Perfect Brand Affinity for your Influencer Marketing Campaign

One of the most exciting things about the newly-released WHOSAY Match is the ability to find the talent influencer with the highest affinity for your brand.

Brand affinity represents the correlation of an influencer’s fans for the brand’s target audience. The index ranges from 0-400. For example, a score of 120 indicates that a fan of that celebrity is 1.2X more likely to be a fan of the target audience than the average fan on Facebook. A perfect score of 400 means the influencer’s fans have the maximum overlap with the target audience.

Calculating the brand affinity is at the heart of the power of WHOSAY Match. This score shows the size of the overlap between the influencer's fans, target audience, interest in the brand and overall desired interests. To further strengthen the calculations, you can add additional interests or even complementary brands to help paint a more detailed brand affinity calculation.

In order to calculate a potential influencer’s affinity with a brand, WHOSAY Match analyzes an array of attributes, including the influencer’s audiences and posting frequencies across social platforms. Combined with the brands’ audience and their interests, the Match index determines the brand affinity score. Higher brand affinity indicates a stronger relationship of "closeness" between the influencer’s fans and those of the brand.

Aside from calculating brand affinity, WHOSAY Match consists of three core features:  

1. Search & Discovery:

WHOSAY Match provides an intuitive search process into both the website and mobile applications. Users are able to search and filter names by a number of criteria such as fan audience composition, size and topical and genre categories.

2. Lists:

WHOSAY Match then provides a number of features to help users keep track of and manage lists of influencers. Users can view feeds of content posts for a given Influencer or for all influencers in a list. The feed allows a user to quickly review the type of content being posted, along with analyzing the engagement of any individual post.

3. Match Reports:

Another way to find potential influencers is with WHOSAY Match reports. As mentioned earlier, these reports allow the user to calculate a brand affinity for influencers. The report itself can find and surface influencers with a high affinity for a brand —or you can provide your own list or names to run.

Influencer and List feeds also have tools to help brands analyze Influencers and determine if they might be a fit for the campaign. Each post in the feed displays engagement data such as likes, comments, and shares, but we also estimate future engagement rates and compare engagement rates to historical posts. This informs the user as to which type of content resonates with the given influencer's audience.

The WHOSAY Match feed can also be filtered to display only sponsored posts. We included logic to identify sponsored posts from every platform. Being able to see which influencers have already participated in campaigns, and looking at the types of sponsored posts is just another way to help vet the influencers in a professional manner.

By utilizing these tools together you are able to gain a complete picture of an Influencer and determine how compatible they will be for your new brand campaign. Head over to the WHOSAY Match website to get more information and get started with your next influencer marketing campaign.

Michael Holtzman is Chief Technology Officer for WHOSAY