WHOSAY.com Introduces New Editor’s Picks on Its News Blog

Welcome to the next phase WHOSAY.com news page.

WHOSAY.com introduces new Editor’s Picks categories on its News blog. The WHOSAY blog attracts over 5,000 readers a month interested in the latest influencer marketing news.

With a commitment to share the latest influencer marketing best practices, insights and news, the WHOSAY Editor’s Picks helps readers drill deeper into content categories that will evolve based on what’s most important.

Currently organized as “Hot Lists,” “WEAREWHOSAY,” “Showcase” and “Insights,” the Editor’s Picks include our recurring Hot Talent Lists, new hire announcements, live influencer marketing campaigns and industry analysis.

We’ve also added a “Feature” section to highlight the most important articles at any given moment across all categories. The new additions to WHOSAY News come on the heels of the full website redesign we launched back in July.

Check out our new News page here.  

#wearewhosayBy Alex Marin