Ben Simmons Has a Sour Patch Kids Experience We All Can Relate To

First, they’re sour. Then, they’re sweet.

Unless you grew up under a rock, you know what Ben Simmons experienced while hanging out with the Sour Patch Kids.

The NBA pro partnered with the candy company to produce a sponsored Instagram video that perfectly sums up our most beloved experience with the iconic brand.

#ad @SourPatchKids got game AND they're fans! 🏀 🙌🏽 #SourThenSweet

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The clip shows Simmons trying to play some hoops only to be blocked by the Kids, which seems to annoy him at first. “Come on guys, knock it off,” he says. “I’m trying to practice here, guys.”

But then, just like their sourness dissolves in our mouths to leave the sweetest taste, Simmons’ Sour Patch Kids buddies turn sweet by writing an “I Love You” message on the court. “I love you, too, Sour Patch Kids,” he replies to them.

The best part? The cute post it note/picket sign the red Sour Patch Kid holds at the end of the video with the message “Good luck this season, Ben.”

Cuteness overload!