Getting to Know You: Sam Jones

Resilience, curiosity, bravery, service, care, and teamwork are just some of the characteristics that define every member of our WHOSAY team.

Previously, you’ve had the chance to meet three WHOSAYers who embody these qualities; Katina Kontarakis, West Coast Account Director, Mike Swart, Head of Shopping Marketing and Lisa Bryant, Marketing Manager.

Founded in 2010, WHOSAY is built from the best of entertainment, technology, and advertising. The people that power WHOSAY are an incredible blend of advertising, technology and media professionals that foster a wonderful spirit of creativity, innovation, and commitment. Today you will get to know another one of our team’s members; Sam Jones, Master Storyteller.  

WHOSAY: What’s the first thing you do as soon as you arrive in the office?

Sam Jones: A headstand.

WS: What’s a typical day at WHOSAY like?

SJ: There are no typical days at WHOSAY.

WS: What’s the most challenging part of your job? And what’s the part you enjoy the most?

SJ: Besides just having a full-time job, coming up with thumb-stopping ideas that move the needle for brands while raising the collective vibe for consumers. This is also the part that I enjoy the most.

WS: What is your role at WHOSAY?

SJ: Writer, Creator, Storyteller, Rap Phenomenon.

WS: Who’s the nicest icon, trailblazer, influencer or micro-influencer talent you’ve worked with at WHOSAY?

SJ: Pro Surfer Rob Machado.

WS: Who is someone at WHOSAY that inspires you and why?

SJ: WHOSAY CEO Steve Ellis. (I’m not just saying that because Xmas is around the corner and I want a bonus, although I’m not saying I don’t want a bonus, either.) When I leave company meetings Steve leads, I feel motivated and confident that I’m working for THE BEST creative influence agency in the industry. He’s cut from the same no-bullshit cloth as I am—it’s refreshing in an industry full of fluffers. Also, his British accent makes everything he says more interesting.

WS: What was your job before coming to WHOSAY?

SJ: Exactly what I’m doing now, only I was working directly with brands as an independent freelancer writer/director. When times were tough, I’d dress up as Disney Princesses for rich kids birthday parties.

WS: What’s your secret life hack and/or productive hack?

SJ: If this were a couple years ago, my answer would be Adderall, but now it’s yoga, meditation, and trying to find the funny in every situation.

WS: What don’t most people know about you?

SJ: I’m into clown porn.

WS: What do you want to achieve in the near and/or long-term?

SJ: I want my own comedy series and a walk-in closet so I can stop storing shoes in my oven.

WS: Share your advice with aspiring young people who want to break into your industry.

SJ: Follow your fucking dreams. Use your gut to make decisions, and your brain to measure the risk.  

WS: What’s unique about your company?

SJ: I see things in cartoon.

WS: What are your favorite books or quotes?

SJ: Everything Dr. Seuss.

WS: What is the best advice you have ever received?

SJ: Live life as though this is your second chance.

You can follow Sam on Instagram @TheRealSamJones

GETTING TO KNOW YOU is a series of interviews with the WHOSAY team

#wearewhosayBy Alex Marin