Getting to Know You: Lisa Bryant

Resilience, curiosity, bravery, service, care, and teamwork are just some of the characteristics that define every member of our WHOSAY team.

Previously, you’ve had the chance to meet two of the team members who embody these qualities; Katina Kontarakis, West Coast Account Director and Mike Swart, Head of Shopping Marketing.

Founded in 2010, WHOSAY is built from the best of entertainment, technology, and advertising. The people that power WHOSAY are an incredible blend of advertising, technology and media professionals that foster a wonderful spirit of creativity, innovation, and commitment. Today you will get to know one of our team’s newest members; Lisa Bryant, Marketing Manager.

WHOSAY: What’s the first thing you do as soon as you arrive at the office?

Lisa Bryant: First thing I do when I arrive at the office is b-line it to find coffee if I haven't already gotten some. I like to slowly drink it and think about what the day has in store before I dive head first into e-mails. Sometimes I’ll make lists or simply just think about it. It helps me organize my brain before I get to work.

WS: What is your role at WHOSAY?

LB: My role at WHOSAY is being part of the ever-growing marketing team as Marketing Manager. In simpler terms, I’m here to keep the marketing team together and up to date through organization and lots of planning. Call me the “go-to” girl!  

WS: What was your job before coming to WHOSAY?

LB: My job before coming to WHOSAY was Digital Marketing Manager at a music management company called In De Goot Entertainment. We managed active rock, metal, and indie bands. I got to work on bands’ social media pages and handle all things touring related. It was definitely a lively experience.

WS: What don’t most people know about you?

LB: Most people don't know that I am a certified 200-hour yoga instructor. I typically teach in Brooklyn but am looking to expand horizons. Maybe lunchtime WHOSAY yoga? It’s kind of funny spending most of my days looking at marketing plans and then going home and teaching a yoga class but after doing it for a while it’s the perfect balance of work for me. Interestingly enough, I’ve been able to incorporate marketing techniques into my yoga business and yoga into the world of marketing.

WS: What do you want to achieve in the near and/or long-term?

LB: A goal I would like to achieve in the near term is to meet more people in the industry. I’m still a newbie and would love to start recognizing faces at events and whatnot. I’m friendly, I promise! A goal I would like to achieve in the long term is to see my name on some sort of “15 Female CMO’s you Should Get to Know” list. Not because of the fame (well, maybe a little) but it would mean that my marketing techniques were really making a change, hopefully in an authentic and meaningful way, which is what I find so fascinating about marketing in the first place: that we’re communicating to the world in a highly impactful way.

WS: What are your favorite books or quotes?

LB: My favorite books are The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion, The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt and I Love Dick by Chris Kraus.

WS: What is the best advice you have ever received?

LB: The best advice I have ever received is, “don't put all of your eggs in one basket.”
To invest, devote, or commit all of one's energy or resources into a single venture, opportunity, or goal, generally at the risk of losing everything in the event that that thing fails or does not come to fruition. To take things one step at a time. This is something I’m still working on because I like to say “yes” to most opportunities but am also learning that sometimes saying “no” opens up better opportunities and creates more time to work on more important stuff. Another great piece of advice is to drink more water. Usually a necessary step to take when in doubt.

GETTING TO KNOW YOU is a series of interviews with the WHOSAY team