Drop the 'R' in Influencer Marketing to Make Better Mobile Ads

WHOSAY CMO Paul Kontonis addressed the audience during the second day of Social Media Week Los Angeles (SMWLA) to encourage marketers to "drop the R" in INFLUENCER marketing and embrace the six phases of INFLUENCE marketing in order to make better ads in an increasingly mobile world.

"Banners and pop up ads are not the solution to marketers' low engagement problem on mobile," Kontonis said during the conference held at The Broad Stage in Los Angeles, California. "Engaging content produced with the best influencers, distributed properly and measured like media starts to lead the industry towards better ads."

Kontonis explained that by professionally applying the six principles of influence marketing brands are able to cut through the advertising and social media clutter to deliver better CPMs and CPEs along with positively impacting the brand's sentiment.

The six phases of influence marketing are:

1. Campaign Objectives:

Awareness, engagement, sentiment, and action

2. Target Audience:

Build detailed audience profiles

3. Influencers:

Cast and work with every level of talent

4. Content:

Develop every kind of high quality, engaging content (photo, video, GIFs)

5. Distribution:

Across platforms and demos (talent organic, amplification, brand distribution)

6. Measurement:

Measure as media (2X better engagement rates, 1.5X higher ad recall, 2X average positive sentiment)

In conclusion, influencers are good but influence is even better.