5 Valuable Things I've Learned From Working with Influencers in Live Events

By Alexandra Mattiace

Working with both brands and influencers for live events takes experience, thoughtfulness, and A LOT of creative development and planning—before execution is even in sight. As seasoned WHOSAY creatives, we say, "bring it on!"

One of the toughest parts is finding an experienced and trustworthy partner who will deliver "cream of the crop" quality content and guaranteed performance.

No sweat here! At WHOSAY we are conditioned to deliver far beyond brand expectations—even if it takes time for brands to trust, spread their wings, and soar into the complex and competitive world of influence marketing. 

The following five tips for working with brands and influencers during live events are from the WHOSAY playbook:

1. Define Purpose:

What is your event for? Why are you hosting an event? Who do you want to attend? Do you want to drive sales? Is there a Call to Action (CTA)? Are you trying to raise awareness? Figure it out! Define your objectives clearly and build from the core out.

2. Prepare:

Plan, plan, plan, and plan. You can never plan enough, trust me. And, do it as far in advance as possible. There are too many moving pieces and too much at stake not to properly prep.

3. Project Management:

Creative, design/build-out, timing, location, talent sourcing, content capture, etc.— each stage of development is just as crucial as the next, and must be carefully thought through. Otherwise, you are surely setting yourself up for failure. Also, know when and how to delegate and take full advantage of your resources. Producing an event truly takes an army.

4. Talent Hiring:

Never skimp on talent and do your research. Source professional Talent who fit your brand naturally and whose fan base fits your target demographic and has a high affinity with those interests you are aligning with. This is key and cannot be emphasized enough for two reasons: 1) Brand affinity: the right talent will not only deliver, but over deliver because they genuinely believe in the brand, appreciate the partnership, and want to be a part of the campaign/event and 2) Engagement: It’s not about the specific number, a hard concept to accept, but true. Organic engagement does not correlate with a number of followers, but rather fan dedication. (Dedicated fans will engage in thumb-stopping content and show up to your event… whenever wherever.)

5. Content Creation:

Rule #1: DO NOT OVER BRAND. We all want to be cool and to engage with cool stuff. So, produce an event you’d want to attend. Rule #2: Capture thoughtful content that supports the event for a true 360 approach and distribute strategically before, during and after. Develop a storyline and stick with it consistently throughout (i.e. Talent content, brand content and live content).

Let's be real, it's a live event. Not everything will go as planned. As experts, we already know something unplanned will arise. It’s life, it happens. But have no fear, your trusted partner is two steps ahead and already on it. We know exactly how to react, when to push back, and will diligently handle every step of the way.

Now, go make cool shit! The internet will thank you.

Alexandra Mattiace is WHOSAY's Campaign Activation Manager