WHOSAY to Co-Sponsor 212NYC Brand Safety and Ethics in Advertising Panel

Brand safety is core to WHOSAY's business. That's why we're sponsoring 212NYC's Brand Safety and Ethics in Advertising panel to take place Tuesday, June 13 at Initiative in New York City. (The event is open to all 212NYC members.)

Introduced by WHOSAY President of Sales and Marketing, Rob Gregory, and moderated by Admonsters' Rob Beeler, the panel will discuss click-bait, ad fraud, fake news, masked URLs, and other controversial practices that are detrimental to the content marketing industry. Jeni Grandner, from Unilever, Jonah Goodhart (Moat), and Susan Schiekofer (Group M) are the panelists who will be tackling "who's mess this is – and who is gonna have to clean it up."

"A brand can take decades to build, but just minutes to be severely damaged, if its narrative falls into the wrong hands," says Gregory. "Influencer marketing is very hot right now, as interruptive ads on traditional media platforms continue to fade. But influence has to be paired with professionalism and reliability, or the results can be disastrous."

WHOSAY's President of Sales and Marketing added, "As the first mainstream company to do this kind of storytelling in a measurable and reliable way, WHOSAY is focused on leading the move to safety protocols and guarantees, that will allow brand marketers to sleep well at night.”

As influencer marketing starts experiencing its first growing pains, safety and professionalism have become more important than ever. By managing every part of the process, WHOSAY represents the brand in the influence marketing ecosystem, ensuring that talent is properly vetted, every post is FTC compliant, and the whole campaign is transparent.

"Somebody is making money at the expense of our industry integrity. And somebody needs to make it stop. Are tech solutions enough? Is it all in the hands of the publishers? Or do we need to shut off the funding supply for bad behavior?" rightfully reads the event's description.

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