WHOSAY CMO Paul Kontonis: 'Influencers Are Good, Influence Is Better'

WHOSAY CMO Paul Kontonis wants you to "drop the 'R.'"

Kontonis told marketers at the Word of Mouth Marketing Association Summit why at WHOSAY we prefer to talk about influence marketing as opposed to influencer marketing.   

"We call it 'influence' because influencers play one a small part," Kontonis told the audience at The Times Center in New York City. "We must start with the campaign objectives [and] the target audience, then you have the influencers."

The WHOSAY CMO added that content, distribution, and measurement are the other key pieces to deliver successful influence marketing campaigns that rely less on talent (a.k.a. influencers) and more on optimal execution.       

Kontonis laid out his vision in an article for Marketing Land titled 'Why it's time to say goodbye to the 'r' in influencer,' where he argued that marketers need to move past the term 'influencer marketing' and instead embrace change by implementing the six phases of 'influence marketing': 1) setting campaign objectives, 2) targeting audiences, 3) casting the right influencers (he said at the WOMMA Summit that marketers should be working with the top 10% of influencers per vertical), 4) building the creative, 5) distributing at scale, and 6) measuring results.   

See the full video above.