After more than 300 campaigns for 100 different brands with more than 3 billion impressions, 600 million video views and 700 million engagements, WHOSAY has compiled its first ever Influence Marketing Insights: Fall 2017.


The insights contain the knowledge to successfully plan, produce and manage influencer marketing campaigns. Featured insights include:


INFLUENCER MARKETING Cuts through advertising and social media clutter

Influence marketing performs better than comparable forms of media and advertising with >2x industry average engagements rates and 3x better video view-through rates on Facebook.


Maximizes the performance of your media spend

Social organic reach continues to drop. One way to overcome this challenge and boost campaign KPIs by 25% is re-targeting an audience that has watched at least 25% of a campaign video with additional content. 


Positively impacts how people feel about your brand

In addition to recall and efficient reach, influence marketing can change the way people feel about your brand with >70% positive sentiment scores.


In the Influence Marketing Insights: Fall 2017 discover how to optimize your campaign objectives, match your brand with the right influencer talent, produce premium creative and leverage smart paid distribution to yield powerful media results. Included in the download is the exclusive WHOSAY Performance Hit List for marketers.