LIVE NOW: Milk-Bone Puffs x Walmart

At last, the campaign that nearly wasn't...I proudly present our Milk-Bone Puffs x Walmart campaign with Derek Theler and his dog, Neptune! 

With a new client that had never executed a shopper campaign with a ~*celebrity*~ before, the approval process proved very difficult along the way as everyone wanted to have a hand in this campaign (Brand, PR, Walmart SMM, agency - the list goes on). All in all, we made it through to the other side with really fun content that fans are loving and a Talent that went above and beyond! We also learned a lot about our client's account and how to better prepare for their new found processes in the future. Please see below for links:



  • Sarah, Joel, Izzy, Stephen, Brittany, Alan, Kay, Ying, Skylar, Madeleine, Max, Jason, Ally, + Ty and Caitlin (RIP) 
  • Big props to Sarah Gillman for coming up with this super fun creative (inspired by real life events featuring @itsnashthepup, probably). 
  • Shoutout to Joel Ponce for selling in this fun program with a new client and for helping manage the clients and keep spirits up when they were having an impossible internal struggle getting approvals!
  • Though he's no longer here, Ty Jones was very helpful in keeping Derek and team calm when we were forced to cancel our first shoot with him with 3 days notice and never let them see us sweat when we thought the brand may pull Derek entirely from the program for a different Talent last minute. Handled it like a true pro!
  • Big thank you to Brittany and Alan for turning out MAJOR photoshop edits to brand assets, graphics, and end card designs for this program! They did everything under very fast timelines and worked miracles! 

All in all, we were very excited about this campaign...but not nearly as excited as Neptune...