LIVE NOW: Coke x McDonald's FIFA #ShoutShare

Hi Team –  

Excited to share our Coke x McDonald’s FIFA World Cup campaign! This took a herculean effort from Andy, Harvey, Ally, Kittie, Stephen, Ali C, Alexandra, Howard and Hootz to close the campaign, cast the talent, and shoot the content in less than 2 weeks! We had an amazing production crew who pulled an all-nighter to deliver video cuts (in excellent shape!) by 9am the next morning to get the videos live in break neck speed.

Definitely felt like one of those campaigns where everything that can go wrong did, but we’re champs at problem solving at this point, nothing we haven’t seen before (for the most part)! Very proud of our amazing WHOSAY crew for getting it done and keeping our heads up the whole way through ☺

We shot with soccer legend and WHOSAY favorite Tim Howard alongside up-and-coming star Isabela Moner (check her out in the new Sicario movie!). We created 4x short form hero videos (no more than 0:30), 2x call to action videos and some fun unfiltered photo/GIF content.

We promoted the partnerships between brands and their World Cup sweepstakes.

Live links below and content is available in Wire Drive (pro tip: search FIFA). Enjoy -

Tim Posts:

Isabela Posts: