Excited to finally send out this email. After months and months of road trips with Matt Love and Josh to the beautiful Whippany, NJ, we can finally say that Aleve Back and Muscle is now LIVE!

Creative: We Harvey popped and locked 4 TB Talent to share their personal stories of what it's like to suffer from back and muscle pain but NOW ( key word to Bayer), thanks to Aleve Back and Muscle, they are able to push through the pain and perform their best for 12 hours. Which leads us to That Feeling When aka #TFW.

Key Players:

  • Mr. Matthew Love- Sales Extraordinaire to the Stars. He handled this entire campaign with confidence and ease.  I'm constantly impressed with how he wines and dines the clients with his charm and how he handles my anxiety with these campaigns. 
  • Josh Venkataraman- My sidekick on this novella of a campaign. ( If you sound out his last name, you can figure out how to say it correctly) Don't know how I would have done this without you!
  • Jason Bowers- Our phenomenal EP who strongly encouraged that we produce this in house and exceeded everyone's expectations. 
  • Alexandra Mattiace- Another sidekick on this campaign who checked all creatives and videos before going out, making sure they were what the client had envisioned.
  • Ty- R.I.P- Sadly he can't read this, but he did an awesome job locking in talent. He constantly had to redo the match reports to hit the affinities that the clients were trying to reach. They would go to sleep one night and wake up and email us saying, had a thought- can we add an affinity for space?! Maybe they take Aleve there! (They don't)
  • Melissa- Managed talent as well and has booked the boost talent seamlessly!
  • Dom- I don't know how he was able to manage all of the client's last minute requests and edit changes, but he did and did an awesome job!
  • Max- Another one who helped with pre and post production and was always there to jump in and help any way he could. 
  • Stephen Glasco, (not Ellis. No idea what that guy does at WHOSAY)- Another team member who I couldn't have done this without and has handled the clients so well, they are pretty much best friends now. 



Talent: 4 TB's and 4 Boost Talent

  • Tim Howard- 1 video, 1 photo, 1 GIF
  • Egypt Sherrod- 1 video, 1 photo, 1 GIF
  • Graham Elliot- 2 Video posts, 1 photo, 1 GIF
  • Sierra Coyle- 2 Video posts, 1 photo, 1 GIF


Tim Howard Video

Graham Elliot Video

Sierra Coyle

Egypt Sherrod is going live today, so be sure to go like her video! I would paste all of the other links, but would like everyone to go to their pages and like the posts💁

Ok, that's all from me! 💃


By Paul Kontonisaleve