LIVE NOW: Victoria's Secret Sexy Illusions

Excited (and relieved) to share that our very first Victoria's Secret campaign is LIVE!!! For this campaign, we asked 25x dancer and lifestyle influencers to wear the new VS Sexy Illusions Bra and showcase its no-slip technology!

SUMMARY: WHOSAY will leverage twenty-five (25) Influencers to provide an authentic view of Victoria's Secret’s New Sexy Illusions Bra, showcasing the no-slip features & benefits, and how the bra fits into their lifestyles.

TEAM: Chris, Annabelle, Izzy, Melissa, Kittie, Alexandra, Hyunjin, Kai, Varsha, Matt, Alan, Brittany M

TALENT: 25x Micro-Influencers - Alyssa Amoroso, Karlie Thoma, Jules Hunt, Egle, Mandy Martini, Cass DiMicco, Katie Boren, Erica Klein, Macy Swaim, Caley Alyssa, Kait Van Hoff, Sarah Weston, Melanie Wilking, Natalie Vold, Shamyl, Ciara Christian, Jelena Cikoja, Alexa Ibarra, Ivy Miller, Marie Poppins, Brianna Cope, Marie Poppins, Hallie Wilson, Caché Melvin, Joy Denver Spears

DELIVERABLES: One (1) Unfiltered photo for IG only ++ tons of AV: the brand later requested boomerangs and we were able to secure 5x Talent to produce them! We also had Katie Boren post a carousel with 6x photos and Talent like Caley, Marie, and Caché posted additional photos and stories with the bra as well! 


  1. Katie Boren
  2. Karlie Thoma
  3. Jules Hunt
  4. Erica Klein
  5. Caley Alyssa
  6. Sarah Weston
  7. Mandy Martini
  8. Macy Swaim
  9. Brianna Cope
  10. Hallie Wilson