LIVE NOW: Milk-Bone Puffs x Walmart

With a new client that had never executed a shopper campaign with a ~*celebrity*~ before, the approval process proved very difficult along the way as everyone wanted to have a hand in this campaign (Brand, PR, Walmart SMM, agency - the list goes on). All in all, we made it through to the other side with really fun content that fans are loving and a Talent that went above and beyond! We also learned a lot about our client's account and how to better prepare for their new found processes in the future.

LIVE NOW: 5GUM'S #NoRegrets Campaign

Hi Everyone! 

Some exciting 5GUM news to start the day – all FIFTEEN Talent are officially live! Although I jumped into this one mid launch, I found the team to be extremely helpful in giving me a crash course to all things activation. 

Thanks to Stephanie for landing such an awesome client, Melissa for roping in all these stellar influencers, Stephen for keeping everything on course, Sam & Hootz for their wonderful ways with words, and Kay for all the behind the scenes magic that I still don’t fully understand. 

A VERY special thanks to Allie Hopfan, Charlotte, and Josh for all the guidance and support as I’ve gained my bearings. It’s because of you all we were able to finish this campaign with #NoRegrets.

Considering this is the first campaign I’ve worked on, I don’t have much to base things off of, but I would say things were smooth sailing thanks to everyone’s diligence, spot on judgments, and killer communication!

To save y’all the time of clicking through all 30 live links, I’ll leave the entire folder here for your browsing pleasures.

For a bit of inspiration to start your day, check out the brand assets below!







It’s an honor to join such a tight knit team and I can’t wait to dive in deep and really get my hands dirty!

All the best, 


Christopher Sintic


Hi All-

Excited to share that all four talent of our AT&T #ItCanWait campaign are now live! This was the first campaign that I jumped into - many thanks to Caryn, Hyunjin, and Josh for providing guidance and a seamless onboarding into WHOSAY Activations.

Big shout outs to the rest of the team including Matt, Izzy, Sam, Hootz (mastermind behind all creatives!!), Gina, Harvey, Ally, Daion, and Varsha for helping bring this program to life.

While the client expressed some initial disconnect with the tier of the Talent secured over what was proposed, Harvey quickly smoothed that over and convincingly educated the client on the intricacies of the Talent casting process.

A few reshoots were needed but we gained some helpful learnings along the way when approaching Unfiltered campaigns, particularly with big corp clients with specific legal and messaging needs, to ensure all content guidelines are clearly communicated and covered.

Overall, we delivered great content that the client is happy about and that resonated really well with our Talents’ fans. Please see below:





Happy to be amongst such smart & creative people at WHOSAY – looking forward to many more to come!



NOW LIVE: TWIX VidCon + Mars Delicious Drive

Hi everyone,

Your favorite brand is back! We had not only one, but TWO activations at this year’s VidCon. As part of our TWIX 2018 program, we brought back George Janko, who acted as the prom king and co-host of TWIX Prom, which closed out the event.

We then partnered with Viacom, and brought Kirsten Collins as the star of Mars’ Delicious Drive, which was exactly what you’re picturing. Think of all your favorite Mars candies in one place and you got Delicious Drive! Just as we did with George and MTV at SXSW, Kirsten appeared in an MTV video with TRL’s Erik Zachary, and also created her own content for Mars to post on her social channels.

Thanks to everyone involved, both campaigns were a huge success!

DELIVERABLES: 1x teaser photo carousel, 1x unfiltered video, 1x 3-part IG story, as well as 1x dark post photo

TEAM: Allie, Andy, Kyle, Stephen, Claire, Matt, Kittie, Ty, Daion, Melissa, Harvey

**Special shout out to Kyle and Andy for holding Kirsten’s bag all day and for being awesome ☺

LIVE LINKS (coming soon to WireDrive!)


Photo Carousel: FBIGTW

IG Stories: attached!



Photo Carousel: FBIGTW

IG Stories: attached!


LIVE NOW: Coke x McDonald's FIFA #ShoutShare

Excited to share our Coke x McDonald’s FIFA World Cup campaign! This took a herculean effort from Andy, Harvey, Ally, Kittie, Stephen, Ali C, Alexandra, Howard and Hootz to close the campaign, cast the talent, and shoot the content in less than 2 weeks! We had an amazing production crew who pulled an all-nighter to deliver video cuts (in excellent shape!) by 9am the next morning to get the videos live in break neck speed.


Another campaign that went live this weekend – COKE x BET AWARDS! Clients are very pleased with end results as are we! For this collaboration, WHOSAY teamed up with R&B singer Trevor Jackson to create some great Unfiltered content – driving participation in Coca-Cola’s execution of the Ultimate Fan Pit Sweepstakes and Viewers’ Choice Award, both culminating at the BET Awards. 



Excited to finally send out this email. After months and months of road trips with Matt Love and Josh to the beautiful Whippany, NJ, we can finally say that Aleve Back and Muscle is now LIVE!

Creative: We Harvey popped and locked 4 TB Talent to share their personal stories of what it's like to suffer from back and muscle pain but NOW ( key word to Bayer), thanks to Aleve Back and Muscle, they are able to push through the pain and perform their best for 12 hours. Which leads us to That Feeling When aka #TFW.

Key Players:

  • Mr. Matthew Love- Sales Extraordinaire to the Stars. He handled this entire campaign with confidence and ease.  I'm constantly impressed with how he wines and dines the clients with his charm and how he handles my anxiety with these campaigns. 
  • Josh Venkataraman- My sidekick on this novella of a campaign. ( If you sound out his last name, you can figure out how to say it correctly) Don't know how I would have done this without you!
  • Jason Bowers- Our phenomenal EP who strongly encouraged that we produce this in house and exceeded everyone's expectations. 
  • Alexandra Mattiace- Another sidekick on this campaign who checked all creatives and videos before going out, making sure they were what the client had envisioned.
  • Ty- R.I.P- Sadly he can't read this, but he did an awesome job locking in talent. He constantly had to redo the match reports to hit the affinities that the clients were trying to reach. They would go to sleep one night and wake up and email us saying, had a thought- can we add an affinity for space?! Maybe they take Aleve there! (They don't)
  • Melissa- Managed talent as well and has booked the boost talent seamlessly!
  • Dom- I don't know how he was able to manage all of the client's last minute requests and edit changes, but he did and did an awesome job!
  • Max- Another one who helped with pre and post production and was always there to jump in and help any way he could. 
  • Stephen Glasco, (not Ellis. No idea what that guy does at WHOSAY)- Another team member who I couldn't have done this without and has handled the clients so well, they are pretty much best friends now. 



Talent: 4 TB's and 4 Boost Talent

  • Tim Howard- 1 video, 1 photo, 1 GIF
  • Egypt Sherrod- 1 video, 1 photo, 1 GIF
  • Graham Elliot- 2 Video posts, 1 photo, 1 GIF
  • Sierra Coyle- 2 Video posts, 1 photo, 1 GIF


Tim Howard Video

Graham Elliot Video

Sierra Coyle

Egypt Sherrod is going live today, so be sure to go like her video! I would paste all of the other links, but would like everyone to go to their pages and like the posts💁

Ok, that's all from me! 💃


LIVE NOW: Mtn Dew Kickstart + Double Dare at Clusterfest

Hi everyone,

Excited to share that we activated our very first live event with Mountain Dew a few weeks ago on 6/3! For this campaign, we worked with Mtn Dew Kickstart, who was a sponsor of the Double Dare obstacle course at Clusterfest in San Francisco. 

It was a quick turnaround, but we’re really happy with how the content turned out! Some more campaign details below:

TEAM: Nicole, Dan, Michelle, Izzy, Annabelle, Harvey, Kittie, Skylar, Melissa, Daion, Matt, Varsha

CAMPAIGN SUMMARY: 1x Talent (Alfonso Ribeiro) to produce selfie-style content driving awareness for the Double Dare Activation and Mtn Dew Kickstart at Clusterfest.

**Huge thanks to Harvey for locking Alfonso so quickly, and for Matt, Skylar and Varsha’s help in getting posts live so late on Sunday night! 


  • One (1) total organic social post- one (1) unfiltered video to be posted from Talent’s social handles.
  • One (1) unfiltered photo to be dark posted from Talent’s social handles. 
  • One (1) three-part Instagram Story to be posted from Talent’s IG handle.
  • Alfonso also did press interviews with BroBible and UPROXX and had a meet-and-greet on site (everyone was so excited to meet Carlton!!)

Live links below for Alfonso’s video post!

·         FB

·         IG

·         TW (added value!)

The dark post photo can be viewed HERE, along with his IG story content, which can be found HERE. **Will be added to WireDrive soon!



LIVE NOW: Olay 28 Day Challenge

Hi Everyone! 


What's your SKIN AGE? No matter how old Olay's algorithm thinks you are (I got 38 which is both insulting and sad) you can now fix any skin flaws with Olay's 28 Day Challenge! In just 28 days, you can have that youthful glow we all want. 


OVERVIEW: Warmer weather doesn't only instigate a change of wardrobe. When it comes to the pendulum of climate extremes, your skin also craves a change of season. Enter: The 28 Day Challenge with Olay.


Our Talent will tell us why they’ve decided to take the 28-day Challenge with Olay - whether they’re getting ready for a festival, summer event, or simply looking for a fresh start, We’ll follow their skin transformations through photo check-in’s and final Before & After photo carousel post.


Plus, this was the first time that we incorporated a sweepstakes and built our very own microsite! Through Talent and their content, we encouraged followers to join the Olay 28 Day Challenge, and to share their very own Day 1 photos. Excited to see what submissions we receive!


TEAM: Jenna, Nina, Ying, Hyunjin, Brittany, Harvey, Alan, Adam, Annabelle, Ally, Melissa, Skylar, Kittie, Matt



Unfiltered: Mini Marley, Jenn Im, Sivan Ayla 

Premium: Whitney Port, Racquel Natasha, Sydney Leroux 


DELIVERABLES PER TALENT: 1x Organic Video Post, 1x Photo, 2x Dark Posted Check-In Photos (Additional for Premium Talent: Dark Post Sweepstake video + 1x IG Story Recap) 



  • Mini Marley:
    • Post 1 


    • Post 2 FBIGTW
    • Post 3: Coming Soon! 
  • Jenn Im: 
    • Post 1 FBIGTW
    • Post 2 FBIGTW
    • Post 3: Coming Soon! 
  • Sivan Ayla: 
    • Post 1 FBIGTW
    • Post 2 FBIGTW 
    • Post 3: Coming Soon! 
  • Whitney Port 
    • Post 1  FBIG
    • Post 2 FBIG
    • Post 3: Coming Soon! 
  • Racquel Natasha 
  • Sydney Leroux
    • Post 1 FBIGTW
    • Post 2 FBIGTW
    • Post 3: Coming Soon!