LIVE NOW: Milk-Bone Puffs x Walmart

With a new client that had never executed a shopper campaign with a ~*celebrity*~ before, the approval process proved very difficult along the way as everyone wanted to have a hand in this campaign (Brand, PR, Walmart SMM, agency - the list goes on). All in all, we made it through to the other side with really fun content that fans are loving and a Talent that went above and beyond! We also learned a lot about our client's account and how to better prepare for their new found processes in the future.

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LIVE NOW: Coke x McDonald's FIFA #ShoutShare

Excited to share our Coke x McDonald’s FIFA World Cup campaign! This took a herculean effort from Andy, Harvey, Ally, Kittie, Stephen, Ali C, Alexandra, Howard and Hootz to close the campaign, cast the talent, and shoot the content in less than 2 weeks! We had an amazing production crew who pulled an all-nighter to deliver video cuts (in excellent shape!) by 9am the next morning to get the videos live in break neck speed.

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Another campaign that went live this weekend – COKE x BET AWARDS! Clients are very pleased with end results as are we! For this collaboration, WHOSAY teamed up with R&B singer Trevor Jackson to create some great Unfiltered content – driving participation in Coca-Cola’s execution of the Ultimate Fan Pit Sweepstakes and Viewers’ Choice Award, both culminating at the BET Awards. 

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By Paul Kontoniscoke, bet

Excited to share that all our UBER content is live!! This campaign was a collaboration between BET and UBER, centering around BETX weekend. WHOSAY collaborated with Teyana Taylor in a premium produced video series, pulling back the curtain on her pre-performance Uber ride — leading up to BETX at the Staples Center on June 22.

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By Paul Kontonisuber, bet