ON WHOSAY SINCE: Feb 16, 2012
BORN: October 18, 1987
BIRTHPLACE: San Luis Obispo, California
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@ZacEfron, @SethRogen, Dave Franco and Rose Byrne are taking over @MTVNews today! Check out their hilarious interviews and tune in to MTV tonight for an exclusive sneak peek at @NeighborsMovie... http://bit.ly/mtvtakeoverze


#ItsAboutToGoDown in the new (NSFW) red band trailer for @NeighborsMovie! WATCH: http://bit.ly/NeighborsRed - Team ZE



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Further expanding his Ninjas Runnin Wild production slate, @ZacEfron will both produce and star in #TheAssociate, an adaptation of the best-selling #JohnGrisham novel! The story follows a graduate fresh out of law school who is blackmailed by a group of criminals. READ MORE: http://bit.ly/1mLA4Fl - #TeamZE


Big thanks to the crew today! Shot a cover for @NeighborsMovie. Check out the full shoot next month.