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Did you know that #koalaing is a thing? Go behind-the-scenes with #ZacEfron and @grimmers at @BBCR1! #neighborstour #bts


One of the funniest dudes I know. Can't wait to see @NotoriousROD kill it on his new show!



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NSFW: Zac Efron competes with his Neighbors co-star Seth Rogen to become #CubicleNeighbors with the Workaholics guys on Comedy Central! WATCH: http://bit.ly/CubicleNeighbors - Team ZE


Watch Zac Efron and Aaron Rodgers school Seth Rogen in ESPN's hilarious new spot for Neighbors! http://bit.ly/NeighborsESPN - Team ZE


@ZacEfron, @SethRogen, Dave Franco and Rose Byrne are taking over @MTVNews today! Check out their hilarious interviews and tune in to MTV tonight for an exclusive sneak peek at @NeighborsMovie... http://bit.ly/mtvtakeoverze