ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jun 4, 2014
BORN: March 22, 1931
BIRTHPLACE: Montreal, Canada
More About Me

I have a new book coming out called Catch Me Up to inspire people to catch up and embrace technology. I'm marketing it via a Kickstarter: http://www.whosay.com/l/sJv9GmZ


The hazards of working on location; craft service meals can be...disturbing! #SoylentGreenIsPeople! #tbt


I'm going to be Live Tweeting tonight's all new episode of @DIYnetwork The #ShatnerProject at 10pm ET and PT Join me as I stress out! :-)


In case there’s any doubt about the ubiquity of @StarTrek, here we are in another galaxy. My Best, Bill


Looking for a new show to watch? Try The Shatner Project tonight at 10pm ET/9c on the DIY Network I'll be live Tweeting the episodes during both the ET and 10pm PT showings! Join me as my life goes chaotic.

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