ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jun 5, 2014
BORN: March 22, 1931
BIRTHPLACE: Montreal, Canada
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Privacy Purloined For Priceless Profits Each year for the past couple years on December 31st r I post a tongue in cheek ode to those that I follow on Twitter. I try to reflect on my interactions with each of my followers and keep it fun all while keeping it in iambic pentameter. So imagine my surprise last night as I go into Twitter to get a list of those that I follow to start my yearly project only to discover that an account I didn't follow, MasterCard was prominently displayed as one of my followers! Twitter's latest marketing scheme is to add followers to the list of those trusted friends and acquaintances that you have so carefully put together. Yes, it did say "Promoted" under the name but it was a visible follower if you looked at my account. It was also a Promoted follower of President Barack Obama, Dwayne the Rock Johnson and even embarrassingly to it's competitor VISA card. To indiscrimiinately add a follower to my list where I may have ethical, moral or business objections to them is wrong on all levels. For MasterCard I do not but as the Negotiator for priceline.com; I would be furious to discover one of their competitors on my list and who knows what financial damages it could do to future endorsements? It's not only promoted corporations that have been included in my list; individuals are being added as well. This morning I discovered an individual with the Twitter nickname which includes "Ganja" (another name for Marijuana if you didn't know.) That's not acceptable to me to have this occur on my followers list as it could hurt my income and my reputation. I don't mine seeing a suggestion on who to follow as a promoted account or even a promoted tweet in my timeline but to add someone or some company to my list of followers implies endorsement. I, like a host of other well knowns and peers, am very careful about endorsements and the abuse by Twitter of this does not sit well with me. To that end I will not be doing my year end homage to those I follower since I'm not about to praise MasterCard or Ganja guy. My best, Bill


May you all have a safe and wonderful holiday! Bill and Elizabeth Shatner


Excited about my partnership with American Wrench in forming Rivet Motors. This is the cycle of the future. http://www.whosay.com/l/CJP9RNJ


Behind the Scenes shooting at #Haven5 with Adam 'the Edge' Copeland @EdgeRatedR


The cover of my upcoming book "Catch Me Up." Find out more about the genesis of the book plus about why I am doing a Kickstarter for it at http://www.whosay.com/l/AKf9Pfn


Downtown Los Angeles with the lovely Kaley Cuoco Sweeting shooting an action packed @Priceline negotiator commercial!

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