ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jun 25, 2014
BORN: October 23, 1986
BIRTHPLACE: Eastern Cape. South Africa
HEIGHT: 6'4"
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For every moment of doubt and despair, there will always be someone to catch you when you…

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Thank you to all those who Messaged me. I'm sorry I worried you & I'm grateful to have your support. Have a great day & be exceptional in your own way <3 #Rebirth #Ascension #LoveAndLight


I ran alot of miles. Nearly died. Ran some more. Sometimes doing something to push your l…


For everyone who feels frustration on a Monday, pause, take stock, breathe. You've got this. Welcome to the new week. Make it yours. #Monday


Getting philosophical @_howlatthemoon LA. Moments with people who make life light are priceless. Love you all. Enjoy the weekend guys #Adios


Ok you know those moments when you freak yourself out for no real reason? Yeah. I'm having one. I need to be on a yacht somewhere. #Idea #WallyPower

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