ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jun 25, 2014
BORN: October 23, 1986
BIRTHPLACE: Eastern Cape. South Africa
HEIGHT: 6'4"
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I've been flat out for the last few days. I'm seriously going to try and rest this weeken…


Hey guys. I know I have been MIA but I've been working on my craft, esp technical aspects. Hope you're all ok. Much love. #FlyHigh


Intensity comes at cost of self.

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Had gone for a hike this weekend. It was beautiful weather. I managed to get heat exhaustion though. Even while drinking lots of fluids. So now I'm Rested. Time to hit the ground running. Welcome to the new week. #OwnIt


Ok game plan? Workout. Some cooking. Learn a few monologues. Hell yes. Motivation. Have a…

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Was visiting an uncle of mine and he has a beautiful garden. Totally inspiring. So my friends this is for you. A new week is here so open yourself up. Show your beauty, grace and skill. And start to own your moments. #Monday

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