ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jun 25, 2014
BORN: October 23, 1986
BIRTHPLACE: Eastern Cape. South Africa
HEIGHT: 6'4"
More About Me

I ran alot of miles. Nearly died. Ran some more. Sometimes doing something to push your l…


For everyone who feels frustration on a Monday, pause, take stock, breathe. You've got this. Welcome to the new week. Make it yours. #Monday


Getting philosophical @_howlatthemoon LA. Moments with people who make life light are priceless. Love you all. Enjoy the weekend guys #Adios


Ok you know those moments when you freak yourself out for no real reason? Yeah. I'm having one. I need to be on a yacht somewhere. #Idea #WallyPower


There are a lot of screwed up people with messed up thoughts and actions. Let the light of those who stand for what is good and just come to the fore. We are all linked. A family of sorts. So I'm proud to send you all love and hope you spread it out there. Let the fires in our hearts burn strong. Love and light.


You ever have those moments where you're lying in bed but you can't sleep because you jus…

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