ON WHOSAY SINCE: Nov 11, 2013
BORN: December 15
BIRTHPLACE: Reading, Berkshire, England.
HEIGHT: 5'9"
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#VG4BFP Kisses with beautiful beagle Scarlett who was rescued from a lab @VeggieGrill today raising money for @BeagleFreedom. Thank you for fighting for these amazing dogs. Still time to get there today and half your cheque goes to help save these amazing spirits!


Please eat @VeggieGrill today! I'll be at the Sunset location eating as much as I can to help @beaglefreedom save Beagles from labs. Come and eat and say hello! I want to see as many as my friends there as possible!


Saving Mr. Banks

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Candles on, the animals are at peace and I'm working on myself reading this... #perfectevening #focus #beginwiththeendinmind #sevenhabits #StephenCovey


Sometimes in life you are lucky enough to meet people who send you a basket of your favourite chocolate #Godiva #Blessed #Grateful I'll eat one piece a day #promise


I love a gentleman. #Gentleman ONLY allowed. Look don't listen. #ActionsCount #Always #Success #Motivation #Belief

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