ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jun 9, 2011
BORN: March 18, 1963
BIRTHPLACE: Millwood, New York
HEIGHT: 5'6"
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Look what I got backstage... Personalized M&Ms with good luck message for our #TripToBountiful run in LA! #MYMMS


Stage crew at the Ahmanson Theater preparing for #Bountiful. I'm feeling that theater tingle again! #TripToBountiful


666 Park Avenue

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Prayers go out to Melissa Rivers who had an incredible mother, Joan Rivers, who blazed a trail for so many women. She had me on the tonight show in 1983 #legendary @EnterMissThang


Thelma, Jessie Mae & Ludie all in Bountiful #LA #TripToBountiful

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