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BORN: August 11
HEIGHT: 6'4"
ON WHOSAY SINCE: Dec 17, 2011
HOMETOWN: Calgary, Alberta


“Life’s funny...” or at least that’s the way Tyler Harcott sees it. The Canadian born entertainer is currently host of THE BACHELOR CANADA and the Weather Channel adventure series FREAKS OF NATURE. He always strives to find the levity in every situation and brings it to the fore. His unique style and energy have served him well in a career that now spans two decades.

After graduating from the Communication Arts program at SAIT Polytechnic, Tyler got his start in radio as a disc jockey at CKGY in Red Deer, Alberta playing both “country” and “western’” music.
His hosting career began almost by accident in Hong Kong, hosting 3 shows for the STAR TV Network. He regretfully admits to only remembering enough Cantonese to say “thank you”, “good morning” and something dirty he’d never say in front of his mother.

Through his work in Asia Tyler got to indulge one of his great passions...travel. He had the pleasure of experiencing the wonders of South East Asia and the Middle East, working in such culture rich locales as India, U.A.E and Indonesia to name just a few.

Tyler returned to Canada to host, write and produce the nightly live entertainment show WIRED for A-Channel Calgary.
Soon he found himself working in the US hosting the high stakes stunt show I DARE YOU! for UPN. That humble beginning led to his landing the coveted hosting role on the Emmy nominated series JUNKYARD WARS for TLC

Eventually Tyler left the scrapheap, relocating to New York City where he helmed the design programs, GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DECORATE? for Style Network and THE COMPLEX:MALIBU for Fox
In an attempt to broaden his hosting resume and stare danger straight in the eye, Tyler took on arguably the greatest challenge of his career… living on a cruise ship with 50 Miss America pageant contestants for 3 weeks as host of MISS AMERICA: Countdown To The Crown for TLC
Somehow he managed to survive. Tyler has also hosted projects for Food Network and Fine Living Network

Tyler continues to live in NYC with his 6 year old daughter Bebelle and is also the creative force behind tyler•made•entertainment, his boutique production company that has so far, failed to produce a “boutique”.

When he’s not working, traveling (or throwing a ‘killer’ tea party) the experienced dog sledder canoeist and snowshoer continues to pursue his many other passions including playing hockey and practicing the same 3 notes on the guitar since he was 17. He recently began studying Spanish and soon hopes to order his first meal in a South American locale without insulting anyone’s mother.

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