ON WHOSAY SINCE: Apr 22, 2014

Tonight is the night! Tune in to watch the Best Christmas Party Ever at 8 pm only on Hallmark Channel !


I am so excited about my new @time_peace watch! Love everything about this company! ( @bkanna it came! )


Holiday darkness by @mdevitto . Best stylist in all of cali! ❤️


Who saw me won this trophy with pride this morning? (I had no idea I knew that many syfy movies - I may have confused Godzilla and King Kong, eh. )


A special thank you to this lovely hair and makeup team @jliparoto & @kjmakeuplady for making me up during my @homeandfamilyTV segment! And thank you @katijapevec for letting me play dress up in your stunning jewels!


Hey ya'll! It's time to finally meet Nicole! Tune in to #MajorCrimes tonight at 9 pm on TNT to watch me and @realtonydenison get all father-daughterly. @MajorCrimesTNT

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