ON WHOSAY SINCE: Mar 22, 2011
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If you are going to get your son one doll to fall in love with make it Wonder Woman (he calls it "mama"...so do I:):)


Day 6. Jax fell right asleep. Hasn't left bed once. I'm in my bed should be asleep but I …


My giant rat agent stopped by the house & took a dip in my pool. He drowned. I have an alibi. #TheSlumsOfBeverlyHills


Nite 5. Jax asleep & I'm putting air mattress away. Back into my big boy bed. Thank you @sleepyplanet Jen Waldburger!


Happy Birthday Jack Arnold. My dad and Jax's namesake. We are 99% sure you are at the cabin with a beer in your hand.


Nite 4 was perfect. Jax stayed in bed all night then joined Dada in the hall at 6:15 to watch iPad's. He's a good boy.

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