ON WHOSAY SINCE: Mar 30, 2012
BORN: July 29, 1953
BIRTHPLACE: Washington, D.C.
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#ProjectRunway returns tonight at 9/8c! Are you ready to see who knows how to #MakeItWork?


Six days to the big premiere of @ProjectRunway on @lifetimetv everyone! And we begun with Road to the Runway at 8pm EDT, 7pm CDT!


Project Runway

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The workroom floor this morning on @ProjectRunway! We premiere one week from tonight on @lifetimetv! Don't miss this smashing season!


Are you ready for the @ProjectRunway premiere one week from today? More flotsam and jetsam than ever! This is this morning in the workroom!


Join me today from 10am to 4pm @Walgreens in Times Square for fabulous date night looks with @COVERGIRL @Pantene and @FreshEffects.

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