ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jun 17, 2011

(Denny & Christal) In N.Y. a type 2 diabetic brought strawberries into a movie theater as…

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(Denny & Christal) In California (of course) a court has upheld a high school's decision …

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(Denny & Christal) What do you think about CVS announcing that they will no longer sell …

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(Denny) You heard the story by now. In Florida, 2 men start arguing in a movie theater ab…

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(Denny) There is a push on by some who would like to see the Mattel Company manufacture a plus-size Barbie doll citing that it would more closely resemble today's female as opposed to the current Barbie. This idea has been met with both criticism and support. Where do you stand on it?


(Denny) Toby Keith's new restaurant in Woodbridge got some attention over the weekend wh…

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