ON WHOSAY SINCE: May 17, 2014
BORN: August 24, 1976
BIRTHPLACE: Bogota, Colombia
HEIGHT: 5'3"
Significant Other: Dan Hamilton
More About Me

My fifth and final day of #howiorgain Healthy Santa Series with @drinkorgain is on how to "Gain Joy" during the holidays. My favorite way to gain holiday joy is by allowing myself to enjoy the season however being as healthy as I can while I do. From staying hydrated to keeping up with at least a modified version of my workout, staying healthy physically over the holidays also helps me stay healthy mentally over the stressful holiday season. Health brings joy over all else! Wishing You Happy Healthy Holidays and a Healthy New Year! #healthyholidays #holidayjoy #kindholidays ❄️⛄️


My fourth day of #howiorgain Healthy Santa Series with @drinkorgain is on how to "Gain Holiday Sprit" during the holidays. My favorite way to gain holiday spirit is to extend kindness to everyone you meet as well as to spend some time giving of yourself to those in need and could use a little holiday cheer! #healthyholidays #holidaycheer #kindholidays ❄️


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone! I have a fun surprise that I've been working on and I'm finally ready to share it! It's my very first holiday mini-album! It's called "Christmas Carolyn: A Very Healthy Holiday" and you can listen to it here: http://www.whosay.com/l/EKP9R7C Featuring 3 holiday classics but with, of course, a The Healthy Voyager twist! It includes: We Wish You a Healthy Christmas, The 12 Days of Healthy and #Vegan Christmas and Deck the Halls! And it's part of an even larger project coming next holiday season, my very own 1 hour long Holiday Special! I'm in production this holiday to debut Christmas time 2015! I'll be adding one more song soon so be sure to check back and enjoy it the rest of the season! Plus a portion of the paid downloads will be donated to my favorite charity, Bunny Luv Rabbit Resource Center ; ) #healthyholidays #veganfoodshare #whyvegansdo


My third day of #howiorgain Healthy Santa Series with @drinkorgain is on how to "Gain Serenity" during the holidays. The holidays can be very stressful and take a toll on our bodies and minds so it's important, for our health, our sanity as well as for those around us, to take time for ourselves and relax. Be it a few minutes in the morning or evening for a quick meditation, or sitting quietly by the fire with a cup of hot cocoa, it's important to step back and gain serenity as well as perspective on our busy lives this winter season. You might even find the solution to a problem or realize that baking that extra batch of cookies isn't all that necessary! Your body and your loved ones will thank you! #healthyholidays


My second day of #howiorgain Healthy Santa Series with @drinkorgain is "Give the gift of good health"! Giving a gift to someone that inspires health and/or fitness is a gift that keeps on giving! Show people on your list that you want them around for a long and healthy time! #healthyholidays


The Hamiltons are off to their second annual Holiday Hangout! Tacky outfits, check, cookie decorating station set up, check, white elephant gifts wrapped, check! Happy Holiday Party season!! #hamiltonholidays

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