ON WHOSAY SINCE: Nov 1, 2011
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GOODMORNING world. I had grade A bottled breast milk this early morning. What are you having for breakfast? #WordsFromDeuce #Baby #Deuce #YoungDito


Deuce looked at this dam thing like it was a cousin at a family reunion he ain't seen in years! "Wait you're who? Aunt Pat's sister's Son? Oh isht!! I ain't seen you in years my ninja!!! What's good!?!? #youngDito #Deuce #Baby #Cute


Just some kids from the block taking down buildings. That's all. Cleaned up for the night. @mikemoody @KennethFaried35 @Mark_Rashad @kevakevs @Jus_Chad @smittman10 @antdavis_23 #GQ #GQAllStarNYC #AllStarWeekendNYC


Deuce is AllStar Weekend ready or nah?!?! Lol. He don't the camera on Fridays. #jordans #11's #allstarweekend


Pregaming for I don't know what dam game. Rocking with this Big Ass Red Stripe. Ya Mon!!


Gonna try this goat out this week. It's been a while. On and I can take a selfie here and there now. I have a son and I have to teach him he can do whatever he wants no matter what someone thinks of him. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Haha. How I tag this again #Nofilter #CribSearching #NeedMoreSpace

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