ON WHOSAY SINCE: Sep 22, 2011

"Harmony" - A key for peace in our lives. I chose this word because I, along with most, could use more flow and unity in my life. Both, personally and professionally. "Patience" - It is simply put, a virtue. It reminds me to be present and allow life to fall in place as it is intended to. And, with age, patience becomes my wisdom. It is... Love, Hope and Faith. - #whatsyourword #patience #harmony #myintent


Agreed, bro!! "@typennington: So proud of these @PencilsOfPromis results: Srsly incredib…

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Seldom post pics, but thank you @jcooperphoto! You're a great friend and an amazing talent!


I completely agree!!! Something to be proud of!! "@D_SAVRE: I this entire cast! I hope w…

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Get ready for ep920 #Supernatural #bloodlines ... @D_SAVRE @natebuzz @ItsLucien @melissaroxburgh @stephenmartines @onlyseanfaris @cw_spn


I seldom post pics but just thought it was a cool candid from yet another plane... I hate #selfies

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