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Killing Japanese People to Save the Whalers -

Commentary by @CaptPaulWatson

The most anti Japanese group on the planet is the Japanese government. This is a government that is allowing Japanese people to die rather than to assist them from the devastation wrought by the Tsunami and the disaster of Fukushima.

This is a government that has directed some $30 million dollars to supporting whaling yet has allowed thousands of Tsunami victims to go homeless.

This is a government that spends millions to defend a small group of dolphin killing thugs in Taiji yet allows victims of the nuclear disaster to die for lack of medical treatment and basic needs like a home, running water and heat.

It is now official, more Japanese people have died in Fukushima Prefecture from stress and illness than died during the initial disaster. The Tsunami killed 1,607 people in Fukushima, yet neglect has killed 1,656 since.

"The biggest problem is the fact that people have been living in temporary conditions for so long," Hiroyuki Harada, a Fukushima official dealing with victim assistance, told the media."

The Tsunami Relief Fund money that the Japanese government has spent trying to stop Sea Shepherd interference would have saved many Japanese lives but it seems that the Japanese government would rather kill whales than to save the lives of their own people.

Fukushima is a greater nuclear disaster than Cherynobyl yet the Japanese government will not allow outside intervention to stop the out of control situation. Each day 500 tons of radiated water is dumped into the sea and each day the radiation seeps further towards Tokyo in the groundwater. The government is in denial of the real extent of this disaster and more Japanese people will die because of the stubborn pride of the government and the lack of responsibility by the Japanese media to report the facts to the Japanese people.

The Japanese government is killing more Japanese people in Fukushima Prefecture than the original disaster and yet they still neglect to provide the needed funds, funds donated by people around the world who had no idea their generosity would be redirected to killing whales in the Southern Ocean.

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