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What I wrote the other day: I'm on @chelsealately for the last time tonight. It's a sad day. My first time being introduced on television as a comedian, as myself, was on Chelsea Lately. She said hi the first time and then never really did again for roughly 2 years. I was intimidated, excited and prepared. I couldn't believe you only got the topics a few hours before hand. But somehow I did something just barely good enough to stay on. I said, as I always says since east high school's adaptation of Sophocles' Oedipus Rex, when the night before I had gone on stage with a digital wristwatch, and realizing that I despised being in drama, tried to pump myself up with "this is what you do, this isn what you're good at." And she kept inviting me back, even when I wasn't terribly funny or coherent, because she thought I had stupid hair I suppose. Slowly I leaked into that world, and getting to know all of those people- Josh Wolf,
Heather McDonald, Sarah, Chris, my secret sibling and chuy, every single person involved, it was a home albeit dysfunctional, and I appreciated every moment of, even the hard hard parts. I'll forever be grateful, but I'll never be hateful... Chelsea taught me that. Thanks @chelseahandler and thank you @chelsealately

Screw it rick, everyone knew me as "Hid" for years!