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Who wouldn't want to be a #VSFashionShow model? I mean really.. It blows my mind how many negative comments I've seen about the show. The people that get all up in arms about stuff like that are the ones that aren't secure with themselves. No, I'll never be rocking the VS runway, but that's no reason to hate on these ladies or the industry in general. Not everyone can be 6'tall with a rock hard body like these gorgeous women. It it what it is, quit complaining, and learn to be happy with yourself and appreciate people that have talents different from your own (and yes, strutting down a runway in your skivvies is a talent). We all have something unique to offer-figure out what your thing is and own it, but don't disregard someone else's niche in the world because you're a wee bit jealous. #hatersgonnahate #yougogirls

So the little brother decided to make me try long boarding.. This is a terrible…