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#utah #profilesincourage #marriageequality For years my friends and their ancestors in Utah have fought for acceptance. They have been vilified for being different, for not being normal. While it has taken time, people finally realized that Mormons don't have horns,that practicing their religion will not bring an end to YOUR faith as you know it, and you can even have one run for president without the republic tumbling down.

Now is time for even more progress. Congrats to my Utah friends, especially my friends there who are lawmakers of ALL Utahans for achieving yet another milestone of acceptance and equality. Change isn't easy. Change is sometime unsettling but it is the RIGHT thing. Lets not have this Christmas eve be a time to fret about imagined "chaos" but rather a time to accept each other. Lets also remember that each of us has one goal and that is to live a life of health and happiness just like our neighbors. Let no one stand in the way.

"Profiles in Courage" is about leaders who did what needed to be done even though it wasn't popular, because it was the right thing to do for all people. There aren't many men and women in office who have that courage but if there was ever a test in profiles in courage it is right now. In Utah. I ask my lawmaker friends to do the right thing. Do nothing. Merry Christmas to ALL Utah families!

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