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Just for clarity ..while I have not listened to Kanye's album in full yet -I was "not" defending things that he's said..I was pointing out that I was happy to see he was wearing a (WWJD) "what would Jesus do" bracelet.. and that He was acknowledging publicly that he was a Christian.. Despite all of us being a work in progress -i believe we should encourage each other in the right way and support each other in the right direction ..not tear each other down and be quick to make a judgment when clearly the verdict is not out- based if even only on that interview ..and it's not our "verdict" to give ..because we are not the judge or jury.. And I erased the previous article that accompanied that interview -because I did not agree with the article statements.. and was not trying to post that "article "..was merely trying to post that interview

#Deception Festiveness w/my cast-mate #MichaelDrayer love'dis'guy !