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With each growing year, I see more and more clearly, even on days that are supposed to be "all about you," that what makes life most meaningful is not what you have or what you get, but what you give. I have been so blessed to have been able to make such wonderful connections throughout my life, and I greatly appreciate the heartfelt wishes and comments that I have received that demonstrate that.

Yesterday I entered not only a new decade of my life, but a new and exciting phase as well. I am thrilled at what opportunities the future will hold for me, and I welcome the parts that all of you will play in my life as it continues to unfold.

I believe that hope in life provides meaning to which we can all turn for strength in making the world around us a better place. I've seen how the attitude in which one approaches life affects not only themselves, but also the manner in which others pursue their lives. It is often much easier to be negative or cast aspersions, but positive thoughts lead to positive deeds and positive change. Nothing in life brings greater happiness than seeing the happiness that one can help others achieve themselves. That happiness doesn't diminish, but rather it grows with each day as that person grows. I thank all of you who have helped make me happy. #feelingblessed #thankyou

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