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And just to be clear, this is just me. No Katey, no actors. Just fucked-up writer-boy.

It's tough doing this by myself last minute, but I'm gonna make this shit happen. I'm rethinking the venue. Maybe I get a space here in soho. And do a live WTFsutter
Q&A. Have some live music. Anyone wanna play? Record it. Upload it. I'll still buy beer and snacks. Not sure how many folks to expect. 5? 50? So if you know you are gonna come, please tweet #sutterinkUK and then the number of folks who might come.

I'm thinking around 8 or 9pm.

If you wanna play some music, acoustically seems best. And you don't suck, tweet #sutterinkUKmusic and a link to a live performance. Who knows, you could end up on the show.

I'll also get some answers about when SOA will air in the UK. And if my fabulous assistant, Katie Curtright, can pull this off, I'll get a big box of SOA SWAG fedexed for the event.

Keep checking in. And RT this shit.

Thanks kids.