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Motivating The Heart - The Art Of Telling A Compelling Story You know that feeling you get when you watch something on TV, a movie, or read an article? The feeling that reaches your heart, gives you goose bumps on your arms and puts a little lump in your throat. That feeling that makes take a deep breath and exhale slowly while shaking your headed slightly to to the right and slightly to the left. That feeling you get when you say to yourself, “that’s just what I needed to hear”? Three years ago I was introduced to Erik Proulx because of a documentary he directed and filmed simply called Lemonade. It touched my life and connected with me in a very deep way. I instantly connected with Erik. The way he helped tell the story of other people’s lives and circumstances was nothing short of genius-the story of layoff and reinvention during a critical time in our society. It brought tears to my eyes. Fast forward 3 years later and a major move across the country, Erik is now part of the story and on the other end of the camera. Many of us have dreams. Many of us may be forced to reinvent ourselves and get out of our comfort zone. The question is will we follow our dream. Will we move out of our comfort zone, sometimes even literally. Erik always wanted to be a storyteller and his dream led him thru a career in advertising to discovering his calling as a documentary filmmaker. This is Erik’s story. It may be your story, but with a different “true character”. Motivating by honesty, common ground and being real is always the best way of motivating someone’s heart and quite possibly helping change their life. Thank you Jacob’s Creek for creating this series, “True Characters”. What is your story?
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