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Im very sad about the lose, a HUGE lose of PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN. & I feel compelled to write this & share it & Im not really sure y. Mayb it's 2 figure out-- figure out y I am so fuckin' sad about the lose of someone I've never met. So I'm just going to write what comes out of my head, kind of the way I speak if you ask my friends. Obviously I'm sad because he was so young, leaving behind a family-- I can't imagine how devastated they are. I'm also sad because he was so gifted; a great actor, someone I so enjoyed to watch & someone I had hoped to work with one day. But there's more to it. More to my sadness. As I write this I realize he was, in many ways, an "everyperson." A person like me-- and you. Yet unlike me-- & you (& yes I am judging you right now) he was someone who wasn't full of anything but truth... Truth. Sounds simple, yet that's the hardest thing to be. Not only was he truth, he was willing to share it-- WEAR it on his sleeve. & allow us to see it...& thus, feel from it. He taught us our nature w/ the characters he "played"-- really became. He allowed all the colors, black, white & grey included, to pass through him & astonish us with its pure beauty...& at times, horror. By sharing his truth Philip Seymour Hoffman taught us that we are not alone. & he tought me, someone who battles demons everyday, that there are ways to channel that pain & creat beauty with them. & by doing so, make the world a less lonely and painful place. So I guess my pain comes from knowing that that truth has been silenced. An echoing, deafening silence. & now that it has & he is gone, it's a more lonely world. A less truthful world. & thus, I am very sad. RIP.

Fun Superbowl Commercial! :)