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OBAMA needs 2 GIVE BACK Nobel Peace Prize! Between drone attacks killng many innocent people, 2 now wanting 2go2 war. Yes, its a TRAGEDY whats happening in Syria & Assad should be tried & executed but I'm TIRED of the hypocrisy. All politicians talking about the kids... what about OUR kids? The ones who got killed at Sandy Hook? We do NOTHING about that, no responsible gun control? I guess gas is bad, bullets are ok? WTF!

1. If you go 2 war, you dont go in half-assed. U go IN FULL FORCE & GET RID OF THE BAD GUYS. 2. We should NOT fight yet another war we ave no idea what the outcome will be-- especially if we are not even trying to dictate the outcome! Oh wait, we're going to scare Assad- Scare Iran.That's the outcome. Give me a fkn break! It's Not. Going. To. Work. Do these politicians know nothing about sectarian violence? Kerry is as stupid now as he was when he ran for president. And I'm BEYOND disappointed in Obama.

It's time our politicians learn from the past. Iraq. Vietnam. Come on! How about instead of dropping bombs at around $100,00 a pop, we drop aide to the refugees-- imagine how that would make America look. We'd look damn good, that's how. And we wouldn't be creating yet another generation who hates us because it's hard to teach hate when the "enemy" is trying to feed you and keep you alive.

Imagine what our country-- what THE WORLD would be like if we had not interfered in Vietnam or Iraq and had put the money into more useful ventures like; roads, bridges, education, new technology, exploration, science... But the WAR MAKES MONEY for many, MANY people-- & these people have both DEMS & REPUBS in their pockets...So war will continue, and those politicians who "fight" it (I put "fight" in quotes because they don't go to war, they aren't in harms way. Imagine the difference if they were.. or if they had kids who would be), will continue to sanction it in order to get re-elected & have a job AND healthcare they deny others. Again, don't get me wrong, Assad should fukn BURN for what he's done... But we can not go into something half-assed, not knowing what will happen day 2, 3, 5, 1000, 5000....

Fun Superbowl Commercial! :)