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Dear World, The @AmericanAir gate attendant at Dallas Fort Worth could not have been more rude when she just forced me to check my carry on bag at the gate with no discussion. The same bag that I have quite literally travelled with around the world, often on American Airlines aircraft just like this one. So recently in fact, that I just used that carry on this morning to fly to this connecting flight. It so happens, that it fit just as it has always fit in the overhead before. However, this not so young lady felt the need to make a mockery of me in front of the rest of the priority boarding passengers when I attempted to convey a few of these little details. I specify priority boarding only because my elite status on this airline should offer yet another example of how often I have flown American. Her coworker offered that I try the bag and come back if it didn't fit but as I attempted to leave she physically moved in front of me and said no. In an attempt to simply move on with life and board the plane I said fine, go ahead and check it, which she took as an invitation to board another 10 or so passengers before even asking her coworker to create a bag tag. I use carry on so that I don't need to wait in baggage claim and risk loosing my bag, and yet this is what I must do now because this lady decided my bag was too big as she let even larger carry ons go on past. Why? Perhaps my age? I'm not sure. But I choose to treat people with respect regardless of age, or any physical appearance because that is how I would like to be treated. I'm writing this because I would be doing a disservice to anyone else who may have to come in contact with this lady by not bringing it to someone's attention. I haven't ever been treated like this on other airlines, and this is simply not OK.

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