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James Gunn: "Ok. Last night I got the weirdest welcome home present ever from my friend Yarvo. I stress 'friend'. It's a painting of us and our pal Jimmy Urine. Again, I stress 'pal.' Why Yarvo wants to put us in this situation I don't know. What's cut off below the frame is something you don't want to see. Or maybe you do. But you ain't gonna, as it's truly nightmarish, and it would certainly get me kicked off Facebook. Let's just say the artist, Brendan Wiuff, obviously thinks we're all considerably blessed in the length and girth departments. I don't know how I'm gonna hang this thing in my house. I mean, my parents are coming to stay with me at Christmas. Good Lord. What's wrong with my friends? They are both awesome and horrible people at the same time. Happy Saturday." http://say.ly/UgO77FP

The time I bottle fed a baby meerkat.