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My most recent experiences as painful as they were, completely solidified my belief in after life or the existence of another dimension. When someone you love passes, we immediately feel tremendous loss, anger and desire to bring them back. Truth is, they're onto another part of their soul's journey and they have no need to come back to the physical body as we knew it. I feel so blessed to have experienced clear signs an attempts of communication from someone on the "other side" that I love. The most incredible part about it, is that I only get them/see them what I'm vibrating on a higher frequency/I'm in my "Godly" headspace...I'm happy and joyful- which proves the theory that spirits and your higher self only operate and can get through to you IF you are vibrating on the same frequency as them...I have a clock that's been dead for 6 months and is now being moved between two specific times, then it works for a couple of days then it stops at those exact times- by a spirit...my lights/appliances/my shuffle on Spotify all controlled by that special someone who has gifted me now with a certainty of my beliefs as I've gotten tangible proof that only the body dies- the soul/spirit moves on and is accessible to us if we are willing to have faith in God and consciously move to a higher vibration to meet them there...that means staying happy, grateful and open...thank you #charliedenihan - my life will never be the same, thank you for letting me know each day that you are around and that heaven is real...:-)

To call my mom a superwoman would be an understatement! She's been my everythin…